Eawhbegee is the brother of Yubiegee, Eubiegee, YubeegeeEawhbealleo, Yubiemee, Yubiealleo. He was created when Eawhbe's DNA and Weegee's DNA was fused together by his brother Yubiegee. He also created a fusion of Eubiegee, Yubiegee and Eawhbe called Yawubeiegee. He is 4 years old and is friends with Whayngee, Twawnkawlgee, Kawhpgee. He has the ability to use the Eawhbegee Stare which can transform people into Eawhbegee Clones/transform into blue/white feathers.   
Concept Eawhbegee

Concept Eawhbegee

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