Juanita is a Higglykid who first debuted in the Higglytown Heroes episode "Say What" and later appeared in


other episodes of Higglytown Heroes. Juanita also appeared in the upcoming Sky Gees video game and she didn't wear her glasses in the game. She is Wayne's spouse and from 2008 (in Weegee/Higglytown Heroes Timeline) she stopped wearing her glasses. She is the same age as Wayne and Kip and is third in command of the Higglykid Gang, fourth in command of the Weegee Killers and is the sister in law of Twinkle.

Juanita usually targets Owli when in chase mode, but in occasions she will wander off and not chase Owli as much. Juani is the most intelligent Higglykid of Higglytown, she tends to know more than Kip, Wayne, Twinkle, Eubie, Pookie, Wiki and Tini and is less feminine than Twinkle and more tomboyish like personality.

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