"Then what are we waiting for, let's go, let's go, let's go."


Kip (nicknamed "Stalker") is Owli's archenemy who is part of the Weegee Killers, he is 5 years old, the youngest out of the Higglykid Gang who is a leader of the Higglykid Gang. Kip works for Ms. Fern whose objective is to take over Powliveel and Powliveel's Power Forest. His best friend is Wayne, his sisters is Wiki, Tini and Pookie who also work for Ms. Fern and his close friends is TwinkleEubie and his second in command is Juani.

Kip is known to target Owli directly by chasing/stalker him, as well as Eubie. Kip has Blinky's chase mode behavior and increases speed slightly if Owli is unstoppable. Kip's personality is more of a leader-like personality which Samaweegee found it obvious and took Kip as second in command of the Weegee Killers.