Kupgee is the brother of Kipgee, Kepgee, Wekegee, Tenegee, Wikigee, Tinigee, Kupalleo, Kupmee and Kupawio. Kupgee was created when Yubiegee fused Kup's DNA and Weegee's DNA together. Kupgee lives in Heegleetewn and is 5 years old.

Kupgee is mainly enemies of Kip, Kup, Twinkel, Twinkle, Waene, Wayne, Juani, Eubie, Yubie and Fran. Kupgee can be quite interested adventuring the Trolliverse's planets and galaxies. He is best friends with Waenegee and close friends with Juanigee, Spunkeehgee, Yubiegee and Twinkelgee.

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