M.C. Heegleekids is a video game made by TheWeegeeBootlegger7654. It was created when TheWeegeeBootlegger7654 stolen a M.C. Kids video game cartridge and edited the game and used Autodesk Maya to render the levels in 3D, removed the sprites for the M.C. Kids and replaced it with 3D models of Yubee, Lucee, Rozeeh, Awgawlena, Awlace and Auulace.

M.C. Heegleekids was based on the true story from the Weegee Timeline and it took place in M.C. Heegleecity. M.C. Heegleekids has a slightly different storyline as M.C. Kids, but it has more levels than M.C. Kids and has Mario is Missing PC game elements.

Storyline (Incomplete)

The game starts when Yubee, Lucee, Rozeeh, Awgawlena, Awlace, Auulace and Yubee's other family members were at M.C. Heegleecity for a vacation had a distress Geephone call from Weegee when the Heeglee Hamburgular and his army besieged M.C. Heegleecity and kidnapped various Weegees from the Playhouse Disngee Galaxy and other various places of the Trolliverse. When the Heegleekids heard about this, they plan to rescue the Weegees.