Munchygee is a Leke Hewhawl Weegee Kid who was created when Munchy Beaver's DNA fused with Weegee's DNA, he is


8 years old and is one of Peanutgee's best friends. Munchygee can be quite bashful to other Weegees, but he is not during combat. He lives in Leke Hewhawl and his mother is Betty Lougee, his brother is Munchyalleo and Munchymee. 

Munchygee joined the Leke Hewhawl Army to support Weegee and Mickeegee. Munchygee chews on wood also, but he doesn't chew on Weegees made of wood. Munchygee is close friends with Buttergee, Jellygee, Butteralleo, Buttermee, Pinchgee, Pinchalleo, Pinchmee, Scootchgee, Scootchmee, Scootchalleo, Jellyalleo and Jellymee.

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