Tess modeled by Sean Dicken

Tess is a higglykid who is originally a unamed Higglykid, but was given the name Tess by TheWeegeeArtistMaker9800. She is 5.7 years old and she is the sister of Juanita, Wayne and Twinkle and is friends with Eubie, Mia, Kip, Pookie, Wiki, Tini, Olie Polie and Pollie Polie. 

Tess is enemies with Owli, Pawleeh, Beelee, Weegee, Taws, Yubee, Wrane, Twenkal, Kep, Mawya, Weke, Tene, Spunkeeh, Funkeeh and Malleo. Tess joined the Weegee Killers since she hates Owli and tries other ways to get rid of him completely.