Waenegee is the brother of Waynegee, Wranegee, Twinklegee, Twenkalgee and Twinkelgee, the son of Plunkiegee and
Waenegee Normal


Plawnkeeh. Waenegee was created when Yubiegee fused Waene's DNA and Weegee's DNA together. Waenegee is close friends with Kepgee, Kep, Kupgee, Yubiegee, Yubeegee, Eubiegee, Kepgee Jr, Kupgee Jr, Eawhbe and Eawhbegee.

Waenegee has the ability to summon flaming toast, Toaster Turrets and uses the Waenegee Stare, Waenegee's glasses seem to not reflect the stare and the stare just goes through his glasses.