Whayn v3

Whayn v3 - Fixed the color of Whayn's nose

Whayn is another weegee version of Wayne. He was created when Wrane fused Higgly DNA, Weegee DNA, Wrane DNA and Wayheen DNA together. Whayn is friends with Eawhbe, best friends with Kawhp and is the sister of Twawnkawl. He is 5.22 years old and is vice-president of Hawgawleetawhn and the Hawgawlee Galaxy. Whayn is enemies with Eubie, Wayne, Yubie, Waene, Twinkle, Twinkel, Kip, Kup, Fran and Juanita.

Whayn has the ability to shoot flaming toast lasers from his eyes and can use the Whayn Virus. Whayn created an army called the Whayn Weegee Toast Enforcement.


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