Yubiegee is a Weegee who was created when Eubie tried to create a Weegee of Yubie by fusing Yubie's DNA and
Yubiegee v4

Normal Form

Weegee's DNA to destroy Weegee, but it didn't suceed, instead he joined Weegee's side, he is 5 years old. Yubiegee created his main friends Waenegee, Twinkelgee and Kupgee to help him destroy Yubie, Waene, Twinkel and Kup. Yubiegee is the brother of Yubiealleo, Yubiemee, Yubieawio, Yubiewheeo, Yubeegee, Yubeealleo, Yubeemee, Eubeegee, Eubeealleo, Eubeemee, Eubiegee, Eubiealleo and Eubiemee.

Yubiegee has the ability to charge the Yubiegee Stare which transforms people into Yubiegee Clones, he can also become Cape Yubiegee if he says "Feather". Yubiegee is mainly enemies with EubieWayne,Twinkle, Kip, Fran, Juani, Wiki, Tini, Pookie, Olie Polie, Pollie Polie and Samaweegee. Yubiegee lives in Heegleetewn and goes to Ms Furn's Military School.

Gallery of Alternate Forms Edit